Go your own way

Make your own sway

Sometimes hazy

Sometimes sunny

Sometimes nasty

Go your own way

To run those miles

To trade those thoughts

To make those moves

To rewrite those regrets you are proud of

Go your own way

Take yourself upstream

Take yourself downstream

Talk yourself to the unheard melodies

Sip that yummy tea by the sea

See your soul slurp beautiful, deep and unfamiliar poems.

Sometimes making you stronger

Sometimes making you weaker


Go your own way

Walk with the thoughts

Talk to the walls

Sing to the halo lights

Losing control away


Go your own way

Through the darkness,toughness and weakness

Run on the ropes

Crawl in the tunnels

Sprint by the sky

Going your own way

Through the infinite loops of self doubt, Selfishness,weirdness,craziness, carelessness

Go your own way.

Far away!

There is no other way :)



I thought I’m flawless but I’m imperfect

I thought I’m tough but I’m not,

I thought I’m adorable but I doubt

I thought I’m lucky but I’m not.
I grew up as imperfect, clueless, inconsolable, awful.

Reading between the lines,

With the tape around my heart.

Rewriting the label of my life

With bullets grazing my skin.

Throwing away everything thinking that nothing is good enough

With the filth and the dirt on me.

Listening to words people say.

Pain muting my words that I can say.

I grew up

Knowing and not knowing, Afraid and clueless, Understood and misunderstood, Strong and weak
I grew up

To be flawless but imperfect.

To be tough but vulnerable.

To be the luckiest but awful.

To aim for an imperfect spot where sky and sea meet

I grew up to be indestructible.



I shiver,

while the burning sun is up,

Motivation diminished,

Dopamine dropped,

Like a grass letting people walk over,

Regrets all over my body,

I flutter,

Recollecting the great ideas that never took birth,

Shadows of sorrow covering all around,

Terrified that I’m not worthy,

I shiver,

Trying to replace the broken pieces,

Struggling to focus,

Haunted by the mad universe,

I shiver,

Remembering all the lies I told myself,

Remembering the empty days,




I shiver,

Smoking out my insecurities,

One after another,

Smoking out,

In the gloomy light-filled with smoke,

Dreaming of the ideas I had,

Knowing that they never took shape,
They can’t take shape anymore,

I shiver,

Waiting for the day to pass by,

I shiver again,

While the burning sun is up.



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.