Dileep Krishna
3 min readJan 27, 2023


Oh, my darling, Life tomorrow feels very different with you,

It’s a big & beautiful world out there,

Let’s brew a better tomorrow,

Our favourite cliche tomorrow that we don’t wanna skip,

A season of tomorrows which is my favourite season of all,

Oh, my darling,

With you, Sunrises feel more soothing,

Waking up next to you each day,

Filled in with the warmth of your hugs,

Oh, my darling,

To all those tomorrows where it’s just you and I,
To all those tomorrows where we wake up to each other kisses, cuddles forgetting the world around us,

To all tomorrows where I can forget looking at the time,
To all those tomorrows which feel magical each day,

Oh, my darling,

To all those tomorrows where,

My room is filled in with your aroma that feels more intense than ever, falling in love every night with you, looking at you, sleeping cute next to me, tucked in the quilt, like a Barbie doll,

To all those tomorrows when we will walk by the beach, drowning in the silence of you in the middle of noisy and crowded beaches, the walks we take by the beach while eating the half leftover spring potatoes, make me whole,

The stories you tell me about your school days by showing your young and innocent, make me love you more, All the sea breezes feel warmer when you laugh next to me,

Oh my darling, to all those tomorrows where

Sunsets are more memorable with you,

Shall we run away to a farther place and watch all the sunsets in a day?

I can’t imagine myself seeing the sunset without you, the rainbows, butterflies and your beautiful eyes,

To all those tomorrows where I find happiness in losing those small comforts for you,

By waking up and making coffee, washing the dishes, cooking poha for you,

To all those tomorrows where I never imagine enjoying cooking for you,

I love those tomorrows,

Those moments when you come out of the shower,

Drying your hair, Can this be like this forever?

I can’t keep looking at the sky for tomorrow when I recollect all the memories that we made over the weekend, the time you held me in your arms, dancing to the beats like no one’s watching,

Reliving the 5 times you kissed me on my lips, feeling the strawberry strains of your lips on my lips, It feels like something new, Recreating the unlimited moments of salsa dances to the hotel's Californian tunes,

To all those tomorrows where,

We laugh by looking at our drunk faces

We ride on the bike back to the club to get the phone that you forgot in the washroom drunk, It feels like something new

Love with you is everything that I’ve asked for but nothing I’ve ever expected,

Can I slow down these tomorrow?

I wish these tomorrows are forever,

Where I can build a universe in which god cannot take us, I can’t wait to meet you,

Where life feels different with you all again.

Where I’ll find faith,
Where I’ll find hope,
I close my eyes imaging you in my dreams,

To all those tomorrows,

Oh my, darling!



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.