If we have nothing to die for.

Dileep Krishna
2 min readJun 30, 2023


If we have nothing to die for, what do we live for,

In the vast expanse of life’s grand stage, Where purpose wanes and doubts engage, A question lingers, stirring deep within, If not for death, what drives us to begin?

No cause to fight, no mission defined, Yet in our souls, a flicker, a spark aligned, For life, it yearns, relentless and strong, Seeking meaning, where it’s been absent for long.

Beyond the shadows of mortality’s veil, A poem unfolds, a story to unveil, With words, let’s paint a canvas anew, Exploring the depths of what makes us true.

We live for love, the essence so pure, Embracing connections that endure, In tender moments, hearts interlace, Fulfilling lives with warmth and grace.

We live for dreams, those whispered desires, Igniting passion that never tires, With wings unfurled, we soar high above, Chasing visions, fueled by hope and love.

We live for growth, to rise and evolve, Through trials faced, our spirits resolve, In learning’s embrace, wisdom is won, Expanding horizons ‘neath the setting sun.

We live for laughter, infectious and free, In shared joy, hearts dance with glee, A symphony of delight, a harmonious tune, Uplifting spirits, under a radiant moon.

We live for a purpose, in service we find, To heal, to uplift, to leave no one behind, A helping hand extended, a light in the dark, Kindness ignites, leaving lasting marks.

We live for art, creation’s embrace, Expressing truths, and each stroke finds its place, With colours and melodies, we weave a tale, Awakening souls, and through creativity, we sail.

We live for the world, its beauty untold, In nature’s wonders, a treasure to behold, From mountains majestic to oceans so vast, The Earth’s enchantment forever will last.

So, if no cause to die for lies in our sight, Let’s live for the moments, both big and slight, For in the tapestry of life, we find our worth, Embracing each breath, our purpose gives birth.

Let passion guide, love be our creed, For in the living, we plant our soul’s seed, With open hearts, we embark and explore, Unveiling the reasons we were meant to live for.

If we have nothing to die for what do we live for,

With each passing year, hearts intertwine, Birthday candles are lit, and memories entwine.



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.