I grew up.

Dileep Krishna
May 17, 2021


I thought I’m flawless but I’m imperfect

I thought I’m tough but I’m not,

I thought I’m adorable but I doubt

I thought I’m lucky but I’m not.
I grew up as imperfect, clueless, inconsolable, awful.

Reading between the lines,

With the tape around my heart.

Rewriting the label of my life

With bullets grazing my skin.

Throwing away everything thinking that nothing is good enough

With the filth and the dirt on me.

Listening to words people say.

Pain muting my words that I can say.

I grew up

Knowing and not knowing, Afraid and clueless, Understood and misunderstood, Strong and weak
I grew up

To be flawless but imperfect.

To be tough but vulnerable.

To be the luckiest but awful.

To aim for an imperfect spot where sky and sea meet

I grew up to be indestructible.



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.