Cosy coffees.

Dileep Krishna
3 min readMar 14, 2023


Making,Waking to that cup of coffee,

Baked, With the right amount of sugar,

Thinking of Snoozing and not snoozing,

Cuddling to those beats of jazz, Listening, loving and living in the cosy home,

Sipping that cup of coffee,

With the right amount of fun,

Giggling, smiling and thinking,

Should we eat pancakes or masala dosa?

Promising each other that we will make the decision without fighting the next time,

Laughing at each other,

Thinking how this light brekkie be so heavy,

Saying and swaying goodbyes of the day,

Welcoming the anxieties,

Oh no, the problems from the little struggles through the day,

Missing a few hours to not shout at each other about the laundry that we promised to do two weeks back,

And end up texting about the annoying humans that trouble us,

Waiting while whiling away to be back to our paradise,

For those joys of little little things waiting for us at home,

Filled with empty canvas after a long day,

Waiting for us to paint them with the beautiful Colours of love,

Open pages waiting for us to write those stories, memories that we can cherish Or maybe laugh at when we grow old,

Feeling like we are flying,

Sipping on the wine,

Eating the dumplings,

Watching each other smile at the moments,

Moments which are not moments even if one of us is not there,

Thinking we don’t want to go down these moments ever without each other not being there,

To the comfort place of fighting, falling and flying



Living and loving each other.

Don’t go to bed so soon, please😭

Let’s stay awake a little longer,

At this moment, nothing could be stronger,

Than the love that we share,

And the memories we make with care.

Let’s talk about our dreams and fears,

And all the things that make us shed tears,

Let’s hold each other close and tight,

And cherish every moment of this night,

As the night wears on and the stars shine bright,
We sit together, wrapped in each other’s delight.
The world outside may be cold and dark,
But here in our home, we make our own mark.

The flicker of candlelight illuminates our faces,
As we share stories of our dreams and our places.
We speak of the future, our hopes and our fears,
And of all the adventures that we have yet to steer.

We talk of our travels, of the people we’ve met,
Of the foods that we’ve tried and the sunsets we’ve let
Sink into our souls, imprinting memories so dear,
That we can relive them in our minds year after year.

As we talk, we sip on our wine and our coffee,
And enjoy the sweet silence of each other’s company.
For in this moment, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be,
Then here in our paradise, just you and me.

So let us stay up a little longer tonight,
And savour the magic of this moment so brightly.
As we sit here, cuddled up in each other’s embrace,
We know that together, we can conquer any space.

Baking, making, living and loving each other,
We’ll face the world with our hearts open, like no other.
For in this life, we know what truly matters most,
And that’s the love we share, our forever and utmost.

So let us stay up just a little longer, my dear,
And cherish this moment that’s so precious and so near.
For in each other’s arms, we have all we could ever need,
And we’ll keep on living, loving, and baking indeed.

Don’t go to bed so soon, please, let’s make this night last,
For in each other’s presence, we are home at last.



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.