Cosy mornings, gloomy nights.

Dileep Krishna
2 min readNov 8, 2021


Cosy cloudy morning,

The sky is not so bright like the other days,

Chill breeze,

It feels like the sky is in her best mood

Inviting me to go out with her on a date

I jump out excited,

Thinking it might be a beautiful day,

All pumped up, I start painting my day,

is it better to take a stroll by the beach?

Or Should I go to the cafe and sip on my favourite double shot espresso ? or should I eat that overstuffed Mac n cheese pasta? Or the banana bread?

Should I listen to “the song for survival” then “enjoy while it lasts” or maybe just skip to the Sufi music?

Should I book the resort and then maybe to the bar sipping on my favourite wine under the moonlight?

Or should I just grab some beer in the evening or whiskey on rocks or long island ice tea?

My dopamine levels started hitting an all-time high when I was imagining the plan..

An exciting day all by myself might be the most memorable day in the life

While I was dreaming all this,

My Mumma knocked on the door,

Delighted me, opened

I told Mumma don’t make anything for me,

I have an exciting plan ahead for the day,

I’m going out and spending a day all by myself

First to the beach then to my favourite cafe then stay out in the night and then…

Stop, shouted my mom,

It’s not safe to go out in this pandemic!!

Mumma, it is all well now outside and the world is opening up. I whispered,

It's not safe for a girl to go alone!!!
Breakfast is ready and she walked away

Shutting the door and my excitement!
Anguished me,

Took a deep breath,

Thought to myself.

People are going mad because they have to think 100 times before going out because of this pandemic.

Why is my mom behaving like she’s in a pandemic forever in her life because she got a girl child?


Is it too tough for parents to take the decision of sending a girl out alone?

Isn’t it exhausting for them?

Every time saying no to their child’s dreams

Because she’s a girl?

Maybe I shouldn’t go out all alone.

It is a privilege to send a girl out and not think of anything bad that is going to happen to her.

True privilege,

I'll wait for the day when it can happen, truly!

I wish this can change for a moment.

Hopefully one day it will.

Thinking of all these thoughts I fell asleep,

Another cosy cloudy morning,

Another plan for the day,

Another dream

Another gloomy night!!


Maybe as a girl going alone and seeing my parents not worry about is a privilege that I won’t get forever in life!!



Dileep Krishna

I am a Confused Thinker. I attempt to make logical decisions. I love Ideas. I attempt to make them happen.